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About us


The Masuria Mansion Laśmiady owes his charming atmosphere and the current appearance to previous owners Zofia Nasierowska and Janusz Majewski who managed this property from 1993 under the name the Masuria Mansion Morena. The Masuria Mansion gained a breath of fresh air in 2010 thanks to new leading who granted the new name to this magic place. For this time Masuria Mansion Morena became The Masuria Mansion Laśmiady.

The Masuria Mansion Laśmiady is a place with the soul. Here Janusz Majewski produced the film „After the season”, part of series „Settlement”, short story „Devilish education” as well as a few dramas for the Theatre of Polish TV. This place also inspired Janusz Majewski for writing the screenplay for the film „After the season” and few books, among others „Retrospectives”, „The last clapboard” and „Short maturity exam 1941”.

Thanks to the magic climate reigning in this place outstanding artist photographer Zofia Nasierowska wrote her two popular culinary books „The taste photograph” and „The Easter star”. The organization More Beautiful Poland under the auspices of the President Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski awarded the distinction for our creation of beauty that we can be proud on to the world. This award confirms the uniqueness of The Masuria Mansion.

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