ełcka_kolej_wąskotorowaNarrow-Gauge Railway Ełk.

We recommend slow, captivating journey into the world history of Mazur
and railways. 100-year-old Elk Narrow-Gauge Railway is the only active this type of tourist attraction in the region Warmia and Mazury. Built between 1910-1917 Ełk Narrow-Gauge Railway has been recognized as a valuable monument of technical culture. In 1992, it entered into the register of monuments under the number A-3194. The offer includes:

  • Group and individual trips stylish carriages combined with a picnic in Sypitki, where in 2010, was put to use new recreational infrastructure.
  • visit the Railway Museum, the hall locomotive and rolling stock.

Pricelist and schedules: www.mosir.elk.com.pl/ekw


Open air museum of Beekeeping.

In the neighborhood of narrow-gauge railway station is a museum of beekeeping. There are collected exhibits of beekeeping: old hives, decorative hives, beekeeper tools.


Wieża-wodna-z-HeimatmuseumWater Tower of Heimatmuseum.

Ełk water tower was established in 1895, Tower has long been no Ełk in water supplies.
Inside it formed the nucleus of the museum. On many levels are collected old clothes, tools, utensils, stoves, pumps, household appliances. Everything before 1945, when Ełk called Lyck. Since 1994, the tower is owned by the Association of German Minority “Masuria” in Ełk. The top floor windows of buildings with panoramic views of the city and surrounding area. Visiting the tower may be in the tourist season,
in h. 10-14. Elk Str. 11 Listopada 2 (at the cross of the national road No. 65 and No. 16 Olecko on Orzysz), tel 87-621-32-00.




mostCastle bridge

On an island in Lake Ełk are the ruins of the castle of the Teutonic Knights, which was originally connected to the mainland by a drawbridge.
In the nineteenth century causeway heaped here and in the early twentieth century brick bridge was built. Currently the bridge is one of the tourist attractions Ełk, especially at night. In 2009, the bridge has been highlighted. There were illuminated arches, pillars, edges of sidewalks and railings, and columns of the bridge. Been installed so. wandering flames, imitation gas lighting.



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